“The fusion of healthcare and entrepreneurship in a Doctorpreneur should not be seen as something that would create conflicting interests. Rather, entrepreneurship should be seen as an informed, open-minded approach to driving healthcare transformation and innovation forward”


Our Vision

To elevate the Doctorpreneur, health standards & management knowledge.

This vision cumulates from over 12 years of experience in private medical practice. Born and bred in an entrepreneurial family,  this is something familiar to my being.

This background has made it feasible and logical for me to complete a Masters degree of Business Administration. This was a necessary step of personal development to integrate the MBA degree with my primary Medical degree.

During my business studies I focused on strategic performance management and mentoring & coaching as my elective subjects.

Despite the vast trial and tribulations along the way, this vision remaining to be actualized. With advancement of personal development, empowerment and contribution to the field of healthcare became inevitable.

Our Mission

To build sustainable medical practices, through empowerment of Doctors with the necessary skills and tools.

Our Services
  • One -to- one Strategic Coaching
  • Group Workshops
  • Platform and Network Marketing

What to expect?

The coach will:

  • Listen Actively 
  • Help you explore options
  • Avoid jumping into conclusions
  • Assist you to work things out for yourself 
  • Avoid giving instructions
  • Contribute with constructive feedback
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